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Way Huge Saucy Box HC review

A saucy little number

Our Verdict

Quality responsive overdrive that covers plenty of range including focused, aggressive crunch.


  • Great fun to use.


  • Very few.

The Saucy Box HC is an alternative version of Way Huge's Saucy Box overdrive.

The HC stands for hard clip, the difference between this and the standard version being that the pedal has been given a different gain structure with the diodes adjusted for hard clipping rather than soft, for more crunch and compression.

The Drive knob actually blends between clean and overdriven tones. At minimum, it's all clean, so setting the Volume knob from anywhere above about 10 o'clock can give you a very useful clean boost.

Advancing the Drive knob starts by putting a bit of edge on your clean tone, and gradually adds more harmonically enriched overdrive for sounds on the cusp where a valve amp is just starting to break up and beyond.

At full whack, we found crisply defined, raunchy medium-gain overdrive (some might call it distortion) that just madeus want to play. Tonally, it's pretty transparent, but you have the option to shape the top end just to your liking with the Tone knob.