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Way Huge Overrated Special review

A well-rated pedal for JoBo

  • £189
  • €248

Our Verdict

A great asset in front of your amp, whether you're a JoeBo fan or not.


  • Adds superb definition.


  • Very few.

Designed for Joe Bonamassa, the Overrated Special is a limited-edition run of 1,000 units that reimagines Way Huge's Green Rhino overdrive.

Designer Jeorge Tripps has tweaked the pedal for a more pronounced midrange and added a 500Hz knob that offers boost or cut around that low-mid frequency.

Bonamassa uses one of these with Fender tweed amps that are already cranked - and the pedal comes alive in that role, taking
an already overdriven amp to the next level, adding harmonics and helping notes bloom into feedback under your fingers.

When used as a boost, the 500Hz knob adds a certain definition at a sweet spot that will let your guitar cut through the mix, while sounding natural rather than overly aggressive. It works just fine with a clean amp, too, giving you an extra channel of natural raunch to play with.

Certain transparent overdrives have achieved mythical status by doing a similar job to this, give it a try - it's overrated in name only.