Vintage VCB 430 review

  • £249
We like the moody finish!

MusicRadar Verdict

This Vintage really does offer excellent value for money as it looks, sounds and handles like a more expensive instrument.


  • +

    Price; moody finish; simplicity of design.


  • -

    Single strap button again!

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If you fancy an acoustic bass but are forced to work on a low budget then you really should take a look at the VCB 430.

It's way cheaper than the rest of our selection but it has a lot more going for it than just a modest price. The moody translucent black finish to the body and neck gives a velvety appearance and offers huge visual impact.

The rosewood bridge, with the string ends neatly hidden beneath the surface, and the unassuming dot inlays on the fingerboard, also play a part in giving this bass a superior overall look.

With the multiply binding kept purely to the body and the use of a diminutive headstock size and shape this is neatly elevated into a class way above its price point.

However, if this rather distinctive presentation is not to your liking then a natural finish with a satin flame maple top is also available at the same price.

Again the VCB 430 has just the endpin/jack socket as the only means of using a strap so a second button will be required if you don't want to sit and play all the time.


Standing or sitting, this is certainly a big bass to handle with its full-scale neck and deep cutaway body, but this all helps to give the natural acoustic sound a forceful and robust delivery.

When amplified the preamp will happily reproduce this natural delivery, or substantially enhance or transform it, but whatever you prefer the results remain pleasing.


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