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Valeton Wave Shaker review

Tiny tremolo stuns

  • £49
  • $49
Use the bias knob to alter the wave shape

Our Verdict

A brilliant pedal full of vintage warmth - and at a great price.


  • Warm vintage throb. Bias and speed knobs give you options. Excellent value.


  • Not a lot.

Based on the Demeter Tremulator, favoured by Jonny Greenwood and Eric Clapton for its tweed-like shimmer, Valeton's Wave Shaker doesn't offer a whole load of versatility, but makes up for it with a warm vintage throb.

"The speed dial goes from gentle waves to rapid-fire stutters"

While the bias knob shifts the sound slightly further towards square wave, it acts more like a second depth control for the pedal's triangle-wave wobble.

Still, the speed dial goes from gentle waves to rapid-fire stutters, while the vitally important volume control makes up for any perceived volume drop - brilliant!