Valeton Lazaro Modern Fuzz

A lot of fuzz for minimal outlay

  • £39
  • €55
  • $49
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Our Verdict

A compact fuzzbox that will cover a lot of options for your preferred sound.


  • Crisp fuzz tones. Single notes sustain for ages. Affordable.


  • Not much.

Valeton describes the Lazaro as a Modern Fuzz, which, for a company that isn't shy in saying what its pedals are based on, means that it's not a slavish clone of a vintage classic. (although we have to say that it can sound a lot like a Big Muff on certain settings).

"Roll back your guitar volume and it'll seem more like overdrive"

What you are getting is a pretty versatile fuzz with tone knobs that can make things sound nasty if that's your thing.

With Fuzz up full and tone controls fairly neutral, the tone is fat and squidgy but with a nice crisp edge: great for digging in for single note solos that will sustain for ages.

Roll back your guitar volume and it'll seem more like overdrive. At lower levels of the fuzz knob you'll find harder fuzz sounds suitable for taut riffing and chording.