Two Notes Le Clean review

A little Fender flavouring...

  • £219
  • €295
  • $350
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Our Verdict

Fender flavour in a versatile package for direct recording or at the heart of your rig.


  • Pristine channel A tone.


  • Lack of complexity from the in-built switchable speaker sim.

Designed to deliver the sort of tones associated with Fender amps, the pedal outputs pristine clean tone from channel A.

It's a sweet sound that you can focus in nicely with the bass and treble knobs and is just crying out for a touch of spring reverb.

The in-built switchable speaker sim does a decent tone-shaping job for headphone monitoring or direct recording, but it doesn't have the range or complexity of the IR-based Torpedo C.A.B. Channel B cranks things for a nice bit of natural-sounding breakup, while both channels together in Cold fusion mode offers some useful blends - clean with a bit of grit, or raunch with clarity.

Now, it may be named Le Clean, but the pedal can get a bit dirty, too, in Hot Fusion mode, as channel A boosts channel B and can come across like a blackface Deluxe turned all the way up with careful juxtaposition of gain and Fusion knobs.

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Tech Specs

Country of OriginChina
FeaturesTrue hardwired bypass