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TC Electronic MojoMojo review

Get your mojo working... twice

  • £105
  • $177
The MojoMojo delivers valve-like overdrive to boost your amp further

Our Verdict

Lovely transparent overdrive that's like adding an extra channel to your amp.


  • Easy battery access. Valve-like overdrive. Capable of subtlety. Compact chassis design.


  • Nothing at all.

The function of the MojoMojo is to provide the sound of overdriven valves in a hard-working amp, and not just any amp - TC's desired flavour here is vintage tweed. Not a bad place to start.

"The MojoMojo responds sympathetically to playing dynamics and has clarity"

Delivering valve-like overdrive or a clean(ish) boost to push your amp further, the pedal responds sympathetically to playing dynamics and has a certain clarity that lets chords ring through with individual notes intact.

The toggle switch either keeps your bottom end girth intact or offers a slightly leaner sound while the tone controls operate over a sensible range if it's a tonal shift rather than a dirtier amp sound that's required.