TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler review

Go forth and multiply (your guitar parts)

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Our Verdict

Playing with yourself has, almost, never been this much fun.


  • Does the job, and does it darn well.


  • None.
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TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler

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TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler

If you've spent any time in a recording studio, you'll recall that after laying down a great rhythm track the engineer will normally ask you to play it again, man.

This time-consuming technique of layering your parts, aka double-tracking, has been used by everyone from The Beatles to Metallica to fatten up their guitar sounds.

The deceptively simple-looking Mimiq Doubler replicates double-tracking in the studio, bed and rehearsal room and, most impressively, onstage.

Like your average reality TV cast, there are various levels of thickness on display here: the onboard 'dubs' switch offers up to three overdubs of your original guitar signal. Yes... that's four guitars in total. That's great news if you're in a power trio, and for metalheads, who can finally nail those big multi-layered rhythm sounds James Hetfield gets on Metallica records.

Like your average reality TV cast, there are various levels of thickness on display here.

The secret to brutal-sounding, stacked metal rhythm parts is razor-sharp precision, and the appropriately named Tightness control hones your overdubs for a perfect wall of sound. Think the aforementioned Mr Hetfield and Sex Pistol Steve Jones.

Back the knob off a few notches and you get some air between the overdubs, which gives classic-rock riffs and bluesy solos some Jimmy Page-esque swagger.

Whether you run the Mimiq in mono or stereo, this affordable yet game-changing pedal has such a sweet effect on your guitar's tonal ear candy that switching it off will be more than you can bear.

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