T-Rex ToneBug Chorus + Flanger review

  • £145
  • $199
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Our Verdict

If you're buying with your ears, then this ToneBug's well worth the cash. But if tweaking your sounds, hands-free control and true bypass are your thing, give it some thought.


  • Versatile. Sounds great. Two pedals in one box.


  • Basic controls.

It's widely agreed that two is better than one - after all, it's one more. That's the kind of thinking that lead to T.Rex designing the Chorus + Flanger.

It's a single-size pedal with a streamlined control set (Rate and Depth) and two effects built in. The Chorus + Flanger can nail 80s clean rhythm sounds and lead thickeners a treat, but it can also sound modern and unusual too.

"It sounds great, but there's a catch. That simple control count limits your options a bit."

One factor in its versatility is that the Depth control means business. Keep it low for subtle flutters and ramp it up with a slow Rate setting for drunk-in-a-hall-of-mirrors-style modulation.

Back it off towards the middle and you can mimic a stretched-cassette tape lo-fi sound. The same applies to Flanger mode. Run it through some distortion with high Depth and low Rate settings, and you'll get the jet plane soaring sound that's graced a hundred metal breakdowns.

Play it with a dirty-clean sound with faster modulation and you'll be approaching Leslie speaker noises a la Black Hole Sun.

So it sounds great, but there's a catch. That simple control count limits your options a bit, and the biggest omission is a tap-tempo control to set modulation speeds. We could live with the basic control set on a cheaper pedal, but it feels skimpy here.

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Tech Specs

Available OutputsOut
Available InputsInput Socket
Flanger ParametersRate
Available ControlsDepth