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T-Rex Shafter review

Can you dig it?

  • £143
  • €192
  • $269
The boost knob allows you to wring a little more dirt from the Shafter

Our Verdict

A fully-featured wah for all seasons.


  • More tonal options, but with the same footprint and power draw.


  • Not a lot.

With the same feature set as the Gull wah, the Shafter is T-Rex's brand-new offering.

"The idea here seems to be maximum adjustability"

The idea here seems to be maximum adjustability, and that starts with three different wah sounds and a slope knob, which adjusts the sweep band for a more intense effect.

There's also a boost knob to drive things harder for more dirt and growl, and a hotspot switch for two different pedal sweep profiles.

With a variety of sounds to be had - some close to vintage wah sounds, some more extreme such as the vowel-like yoy-yoy - there's something for all players.

A wah for the 21st century, the Shafter's modern technology offers great versatility.