T-Rex Replay Box review

A delay without the decay

  • £179
  • €236
  • $329
The tap tempo and subdivision toggle-switch help set this compact delay apart from the crowd

MusicRadar Verdict

A practical delay that makes the most of the compact format.


  • +

    Clever design work means you get big features in a very small package.


  • -

    Battery life isn't great, so it's best saved for emergency use. Let the mains take the strain!

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The Replay Box is the same size as the other pedals in T-Rex's new Chinese-made range, but is presented sideways with all four sockets (it can be used in stereo as well as mono) on the rear edge and a pair of decently spaced footswitches.

"The pedal spits out a seemingly unadulterated version of what you put into it"

There are the usual knobs to set the wet/dry mix, number of repeats and delay time, plus a knob to set output volume.

Two things set this apart from other compact delay pedals: a massive three seconds of delay time and a tap tempo with a subdivision switch so you can call up quarter notes, triplets or U2-style dotted eighth delays in sync with your drummer.

While many manufacturers are going back to analogue BBD chips and a slightly degraded sound for the repeats, this is a digital delay with clean repeats: the pedal spits out a seemingly unadulterated version of what you put into it, which sits nicely with the resolutely analogue dry signal.

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