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T-Rex Mean Machine double distortion review

Double trouble in distortion land

  • £245
  • $379.99
Two identical distortion channels with their own controls - perfect for live performances!

Our Verdict

This is an excellent distortion in a practical package. For two levels of the same sound or two contrasting sounds, the Mean Machine will deliver.


  • Two distortions in one box. Tone control focuses on a crucial frequency range.


  • Nothing, but we wonder what both active at once would sound like!

In a live situation, different distortion levels are often needed. With two identical channels in a single stompbox, the Mean Machine offers easy access to that practicality, while saving on 'board space.


The distortion here takes its cue from early hot-rodded amps and is tight and focused, with a nice raw edge and bags of sustain if you want it.

We really like the way this is voiced - there's an upper mid presence that brings out the harmonics. It's almost like having a Dallas Rangemaster treble booster built in, and it's all tweakable via a tone control that covers just the right range.