Suhr Shiba Drive Reloaded review

Overhauled overdrive pedal

  • £179
  • €198
  • $200
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Our Verdict

Amp-enhancing overdrive with a choice of smoothness.


  • Naturally playable. Lots of tonal options. Full-bodied, open tones.


  • Not much.

The Shiba Reloaded tweaks the overdrive circuit of Suhr's 2009 original to create a pedal that is more amp-like, has a tighter low-end, focused mids, and features 50 per cent more gain.

"It's full-bodied, without overdoing the mids, yielding a naturally open sound"

Balancing drive and level knobs, the range runs from a clean boost to raunchy driven amp sounds, taking in shades of light crunch along the way.

It's full-bodied, without overdoing the mids, yielding a naturally open sound that will keep your basic tone intact and serve as a way to 'transparently' take your amp up a gear - whether that's adding crunch to a clean amp or making a driven amp sing.

The tone knob lets you crisp up or tone down the upper-mids, while a three-way Smooth switch lets you subtly roll off two different amounts of top end: useful to take some of the sharpness out of a Telecaster's bridge pickup.

One of the most naturally playable overdrives around. What's the easiest amp mod to enhance your tonal options? Putting one of these in front of it...

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Tech Specs

Country of OriginUSA
FeaturesTrue bypass
Dimensions64 x 32 x 114
Unit Power Source9 Volt Batteries Mains