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Spear RD-W review

  • £199
Spear RD-W: not just a Les Paul-alike.

Our Verdict

Affordable, original and built for rock!


  • Resonant, with great tones.


  • Slim neck, crazy finish.

It may look like another Les Paul clone, but come a little closer. It says Spear on the headstock - shorthand for high-spec and low prices - and what have they done to that finish?

Black i, Spear's official UK distributors, were blushing with excitement about the RD-W. "Spear 'buckers with Alnico magnets give a warm, vintage-like tone," they cooed. "The body is pink mahogany… a light tonewood that has all the sustain and tone of regular mahogany without the spine-troubling weight."

Don't worry, the guitar isn't pink. Spear's reputation is rising thanks to all the quality components they lovingly ram onto their guitars.

Take those alnico humbuckers. Anyone familiar with Slash will have an approximation of where these things are tonally: they're warm, dynamic, and can rock the blues to rock and back again.

At high volume, the RD-W is great for donning your Gary Moore mask and treading those Parisienne Walkways.

The neck (geez, the neck!) is slim, glued to the body, and a big surprise. Wannabe shredders will be intrigued; while young players and folk with small hands will find it a neat fit.

The open pore finish is controversial. Purists' heads will revolve like Linda Blair, while others will just get biscuit crumbs stuck in the grooves.