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Pigtronix Echolution review

  • £395
  • $649
The Echolution has plenty under the hood - but its price tag is still hefty.

Our Verdict

It sounds great, but could you justify spending the best part of 400 quid on a box that has no memories to store your sounds?


  • Huge range of sounds; phi switch.


  • No onboard memory; US plug on PSU.

Combining digital delay with analogue processing, the Echolution aims to deliver a range of sounds that includes tape echo emulation and modulated delay with chorus and/or tremolo applied.


With eight knobs, 12 toggle switches, three footswitches plus provision for a remote switch and expression pedal, the Echolution gives you plenty to play with.

Multitap delays are built with a series of virtual tape heads at fractions of the master delay time and with all the different treatments that can be applied there's a vast palette of echo and delay.