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Pigtronix Class A Boost review

  • £99
The Pigtronix Class A Boost may only do one thing, but it does it well.

Our Verdict

One louder when you need it, classily delivered.


  • Transparent boost; compact; runs from 9V PSU.


  • 18V PSU takes up more pedal real estate.

After a slew of pedals that offer a left-field take on effects with maximum tweakability, the newest addition to the Pigtronix range has just a single knob and one function: the Class A Boost is a compact preamp/booster based around a J-FET transistor.


You can boost a signal by up to 20dB, dialled in with the pedal's gain knob, but it has been designed with a linear frequency response so that it doesn't mess with your tone as it gets louder.

The result is a pedal that you can kick in to get solos cutting through, to drive your amp harder or to add an extra dimension to an overdrive or distortion pedal.