One Control Hooker's Green Bass Machine review

Envy-inducing bass overdrive pedal

  • £129
  • $144
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Our Verdict

A brilliant add-on for bassists needing more bottom end, or for guitarists looking for a darker drive.


  • Adds great growl to your bass sound. Works for guitar, too. Nice bottom end on the trim control.


  • Comparatively expensive for a Chinese-made mini pedal.

Bass players probably have a right to feel hard done by when it comes to stompboxes, because there are far more pedals designed for guitar than specifically for bass.

"We reckon it adds a great growl to your bass sound - think Stranglers or Lemmy"

While bassists can use guitar pedals, there's often the likelihood of compromising bass tone, as some guitar overdrive pedals have built-in bass cut when engaged.

Not so, though, with Hooker's Green Bass Machine - there's plenty of bottom end and a trim pot on the side to adjust it to suit your instrument.

One Control says that this pedal is designed to give a modern transistor bass amp more of a valve-amp sound, or the tones of an older transistor model, such as a Sunn transistor bass amp.

We reckon it adds a great growl to your bass sound - think Stranglers or Lemmy. It works great with guitar, too, for a darker overdrive.

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Tech Specs

Battery/Adaptor Type9V Battery Nine-volt mains adaptor
Country of OriginChina
FeaturesTrue bypass
Dimensions47 x 48 x 100