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Neunaber Wet Stereo Reverb review

The Wet goes stereo

  • £199

Our Verdict

An easy-to-use reverb pedal with a natural illusion of space that suits guitar tones.


  • Great to use.


  • Very few.

The Wet Stereo reverb pedal has the same finish and sound as the mono version, and features in the rigs of some serious players.

The difference here is that this pedal has stereo inputs and outputs and the expansion port, which opens up a whole new world of versatility. Or you can still use it in mono.

Neunaber's reverb algorithm is unique and has a US patent. The real-world space or device it's designed to sound like isn't specified, but the software editor lets you replicate spring, hall and plate.

It's a very nice-sounding reverb that can go from just a touch of ambience to massive spaces, all with a tone knob that can soften or brighten to suit your needs, keeping it sitting in the background or adding a touch of surf spring splash.

There's a 100 per cent wet setting for effects loops, and bypass that lets the reverb trail linger when you switch it off.