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Neunaber Chroma Stereo Chorus review

A cracking chorus from Neunaber

  • £199

Our Verdict

A musical chorus pedal with the option of becoming something else if you get fed up with chorus.


  • Classy performer. Versatile.


  • Very few.

If you want a chorus pedal, it might as well be a stereo one - even if you don't own two amps to take full advantage of the spaciousness of the effect playing live, you can still record in stereo.

Most of us, though, would be using the pedal in a normal mono guitar signal chain and the Chroma still offers a lush version of the effect in that context.

The default chorus here is produced by pitch-shifting two delayed signals by a fixed amount - one slightly sharp, one slightly flat - adding dimension to the sound without the warble delivered by chorus pedals that modulate the pitch (although you can dial in a standard chorus with the editor).

The amount of the pitch transposition is controlled by the width knob, while the Mix knob goes from fully dry to fully wet for some really subtle blends onwards, all tweaked by a Tone knob that can either attenuate top or bottom.