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Mr Black Deluxe Plus review

A sublime combination

  • £139

Our Verdict

Twin Peaks Fender flavour in a practically sized package, featuring two effects that combine well.


  • A fantastic combination of sounds.


  • Fewer parameter options compared to the competition.

The combinationof reverb and tremolo effects, as found in certain Fender amps, can be very appealing, so a pedal that combines the two makes sense for anyone who doesn't have access to an amp with those facilities and wants a compact pedal setup.

Strymon did it with Flint and now boutique manufacturer Mr Black has done it in a smaller pedal, albeit with far fewer parameter options.

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The tremolo is typical smooth Fender Deluxe bias trem, from skittery to throbby, while the reverb does a good impression of a brightly voiced spring and goes wetter than a typical Fender amp and more towards the 6G15 territory of Dick Dale surf twangers.

Both together - which is what you get unless you roll back the Reverb knob or the Tremolo Intensity - it's a timeless combination. We'd have liked separate footswitches, but the pedalboard- friendly nature trumps that.