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Mooer Echolizer review

Need a decent delay with a small footprint?

  • £59
  • $99
The Echolizer is a workman-like delay in a diminutive package

Our Verdict

If you're of the opinion that you can never have too many delay pedals, but have run out of 'board space, this slim echo could be your solution.


  • Compact size. Longish delay time.


  • Small black knobs not ideal for onstage tweaking.

Mooer has the Ana Echo - a true analogue delay with 300ms max delay time - in its range, but it says that the Echolizer, with delays of up to 600ms, delivers a sound similar to analogue.


The analogue delay comparisons are not too wide of the mark, in that the repeats here have a certain rough-around-the-edges feel that helps them blend in, although their tone remains consistent.

What you get is a workmanlike delay with a standard three-knob array for echo volume, delay time and feedback covering rockabilly slap through to long spacey echoes.