LTD Surveyor-4 Bass

Great value, flexible bass guitar

  • £649
  • $927
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Our Verdict

LTD is not always on the radar for us bassists, but on this performance it most definitely should be.


  • Flexible tones. Great neck. Well-balanced body.


  • Not much at this price.

There are two major things you can count on from ESP's LTD range - style and playability. This Surveyor is strong on both. Add to that active circuitry and quality components and you have all you need to create a good solid sound.

It features an extended upper body horn for improved balance, and an ultra-slim neck profile. The neck is bound maple and features pearl block inlays with the characteristic LTD motif inset at the 12th fret. The headstock is painted to match the body and the 'shamrock' tuners give it a more traditional look.


"Each pickup has a distinct sound character, so there are plenty of really good sounds"

The EMG soapbar and MM-style humbuckers combined with an active three-band EQ with boost and cut make this a powerful beast with a great deal of potential tonal manipulation.

Each pickup has a distinct sound character, so whether used in isolation or combined for a funkier sweetness, there are plenty of really good sounds.

Having the extra midrange control is a huge advantage, too, and if that wasn't enough, the coil-tap switch for the bridge humbucker introduces a further range of sounds by making the two pickups sound closer in tonality for some really keen sweet-spot sounds.

A sublime neck, nicely contoured body and heel, and excessive tone shaping make this a serious piece of kit.