Joyo JF-10 Dyna Compressor review

A fine budget buy

  • £29
  • $39
We're not exactly sure of the relevance of the scorpion, but it can't hurt you tonally...

MusicRadar Verdict

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a compressor that works.


  • +

    Robust build. Useful clean boost. Compression sounds are decent.


  • -

    Lacks the capabilities of higher priced pedals.

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Compressor pedals are available at all price points, from Chinese-made budget boxes up to £300-plus units from Origin Effects.

"A workmanlike compressor for those of us on a tight budget"

The JF-10 Dyna compressor pedal is at the lower end of the scale, but is robustly built and has a picture of a scorpion on the front.

So, does it take the sting out of your dynamics? Well, it certainly has a lot of output, making it a useful clean boost, and the compression doesn't sound bad, if a little bright.

The Dyna doesn't have as much 'squash' as higher priced pedals, but you could just leave it on all the time to enhance your sound.

A workmanlike compressor for those of us on a tight budget.

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