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Jetter Jetdrive Dual Overdrive review

  • £179
  • $259.95
The pedal offers two natural-sounding overdrive effects.

Our Verdict

Two very natural overdrives in a practical package.


  • Two overdrives in one. Subtle variations in low gain overdrive.


  • Four-screw battery access.

The Jetdrive Dual Overdrive does what it says on the casing.

"The tones complement each other perfectly."

It features two channels of overdrive that can be used separately or cascaded. Each channel has a similar amount of gain on tap, but each one is voiced differently


The Jetdrive's avowed design goal is a natural low-gain performance that sounds like a valve amp on the edge of breakup, and that's a goal it achieves effortlessly.

While the two channels present are perhaps not as distinct from each other as the two settings found on its Red Shift sibling, there is a something of a smooth/raw divide that allows them to complement each other perfectly and combine for a wide range of driven tones.

Now hear the Jetdrive Dual Overdrive in action...