JAM RetroVibe review

Colourful Uni-Vibe style stomper

  • £255
  • €329
  • $275
The JAM RetroVibe's not too big, sounds authentic and has purple chicken head knobs!

MusicRadar Verdict

Authentic sound delivered via the simplest interface.


  • +

    Handmade in Greece. Simple control layout. Authentic Uni-Vibe-like tones.


  • -

    Not the most advanced 'Vibe clone we've seen.

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We've seen quite a few Uni-Vibe-style pedals lately, including Korg's up-to-the- minute take on the original with totally redesigned circuitry. By contrast, JAM's take on the 'Vibe goes back to the original sound creation method of using four photocells surrounding a pulsating light source.

"The pedal doesn't lack volume when kicked in and there's an internal trimmer (factory-set to max) to reduce the output"

You don't get the switchable vibrato and chorus modes or treadle-operated adjustment, but, between them, the depth and speed knobs provide plenty of variation.

The pedal doesn't lack volume when kicked in and there's an internal trimmer (factory-set to max) to reduce the output. Another internal trim pot adjusts the maximum intensity.

We'd like to resist the temptation to name-check Hendrix and Trower in a vibe review, but the RetroVibe will sound so familiar if you're a fan of either - not just the modulation but a gloopy reduction in the top end, too.

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