J Rockett Audio Designs Tour Series Tranquilizer review

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  • £179

MusicRadar Verdict

Another well-made pedal from the J Rockett boffins.


  • +

    Great bottom-end boost.


  • -

    Odd focus control.

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The Tranquilizer features a control that sweeps between its phase and vibe - you can plump for either effect or combine the two for some shimmering, wobbly tones like a Leslie speaker hooked up to a Uni-vibe.

The focus control is a bit weird - very little happens until you hit a sweet spot where the effect intensifies.

It's eccentric, but we've grown to love it. We have no such qualms with the Fat knob. Some phase/vibe pedals suck the bottom-end from your sound, but this one boosts it.

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