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J Rockett Audio Designs Tour Series .45 Caliber review

Number one with a bullet

  • £169

Our Verdict

If you're seeking some classic-rock tone don't get fooled again and set your sights on the .45 Caliber.


  • Superb for classic rock tones.


  • None.

While many overdrive pedals are happy to deliver some dirt, the .45 Caliber specifically aims to nail the classic Marshall 1962 JTM45 tone.

Going further, J Rocket namechecks Malcolm Young's rhythm crunch, and Pete Townshend's sound on The Who's Live At Leedsas inspiration for the creation of this pedal. Big words.

Plugging in a '67 Gibson SG Jr for a classic Townshend vibe, we're impressed by how the .45 Caliber reacted to the dynamics of our playing.

It sounds like a great 60s valve amp, with a pleasing amount of compression when you dig in for lead stuff.