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Ibanez Super Metal Mini review

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Super Metal

  • £75
  • €95
  • $99

Our Verdict

While not quite as essential as its Ibanez Mini stablemates, the Super Metal does its job, and does it well.


  • Surprisingly suited to modern playing.


  • Not great for low gain.

The original Super Metal never garnered legendary status, but Ibanez has seen fit to revive it here, complete with natty stacked controls: edge adjusts treble, while attack tweaks presence, and punch adds or subtracts bass.

Given that the Super Metal was born in the 80s, it's surprising how well it adapts to modern playing. Extended-range players will love the control over high and low frequencies, and while there's not much scoop, there's gain aplenty for everything from hard rock and stoner vibes to Kill 'Em All rasp.

It's a little fuzzy in certain EQ regions to cover all heavy purposes - and don't look for low gain - but the Super Metal more than justifies its inclusion in the mini line-up.