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GuitarSystems FuzzTool Junior review

A new 'Face in fuzz pedals

  • £179
  • €195
  • $219
Inside there's both a NOS low-gain silicon transistor and a medium-gain NOS Germanium transistor

Our Verdict

A veritable Fuzz Face-lift for your guitar tone.


  • A genuinely useful Fuzz Face clone. TMF tweaking.


  • Price exceeds the 'official' Fuzz Face Mini.

Based in The Netherlands, GuitarSystems is run by Paul Lenders and Ad van Dongen (known as N.E.R.D.). Like all of the firm's range, The FuzzTool Junior is based on a vintage forbear - essentially a Fuzz Face brought up to date.

"GuitarSystems says its transistor combination retains the Germanium character and clean-up capability"

It features a matched transistor setup of a NOS low-gain silicon transistor with a medium-gain NOS Germanium transistor. Earlier Fuzz Faces were Germanium-based and later ones were silicon, but GuitarSystems says its combination retains the Germanium character and clean-up capability, with increased temperature stability (Germanium transistors are susceptible to fluctuations).

Plugged in, the Fuzz Face tone is instantly apparent, tempting you to bash out Purple Haze. There's a nice degree of touch sensitivity, and you can pull back from full-on fuzz with your volume knob. Furthermore, the TMF (Treble Mid Full) knob offers the chance to roll off some of the bottom-end for more tonal flexibility.

There are plenty of Fuzz Face clones and reissues, but this is one in a very practical form, with features that make sure it's tweakable to suit any guitar.