Electro-Harmonix Soul Preacher review

A teeny tiny compressor from EHX

  • £59
You get the usual EHX bulletproof build in this pocket pedal

MusicRadar Verdict

A clever little box that's bigger than it looks.


  • +

    Nice, compact design. Excellent and versatile tones. Cheap as chips.


  • -

    Not really suited to bass or vocals.

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One of the newest additions to the Electro-Harmonix Nano range is the Soul Preacher Compressor/Sustainer pedal. And very nice it is too.

Though its diminutive in size this unit is packed with warm, user-friendly musical compression. When used on fast attacks or percussive sounds such as drums, it adds a healthy dose of aggression along with a wide variety of tones.

We found it quite surprising just how many various treatments and vibes two rotary controls and a three-way switch could produce.

Using the pedal as an insert on bass and vocal sounds proved less useful however. This is a guitar pedal first and foremost.

With its high-impedance inputs and signal-to-noise ratio, it's really more suited for in-line use with the instrument it was designed for.

Major plusses for build quality too - it's built like a miniature tank - and has heaps of character and control for its teeny tiny price tag. I challenge you to find a better alternative

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