Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi review

A big leap for the Bass Big Muff

  • £96
  • $153
With a Pad switch plus a clean direct out and two effected outputs (DI and jack), this pedal has got it all

MusicRadar Verdict

On many pedals the distorted sound is pretty much universal, but with this Deluxe Muff, everything has been included to allow you to bring your own tonal personality into your distorted sound. A huge leap forward.


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    Sonic versatility. Ability to finely adjust distortion to your own needs.


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The Bass Big Muff Pi from Electro-Harmonix has been loved by players for years, but this latest Deluxe incarnation takes bass distortion to a whole new level.

The sustain and tone controls are retained from the original Big Muff, but here we have a bigger and more complex unit with many enhancements.


The blend control mixes the distorted sound with the dry signal, while the Crossover section has its own dedicated footswitch, and features a low- pass filter added to the dry signal, plus a hi-pass filter positioned in the circuit ahead of the distorted sound.

This is particularly impressive, because it not only smooths the distorted sound, but it adds something like funky parametric tone-shaping, and is worthy of being a pedal in its own right.

The low pass is also great, since it tightens your tone and fattens the selected area of operation. The Gate function is used to eliminate any hum that might be generated by mains, lighting or simply by close proximity to high-gain amps.

With a Pad switch on the input signal for passive and active basses, plus an expanded output section with clean direct out and two effected outputs (balanced DI and standard jack socket), this pedal has got it all.