Dr Green The Cubicle review

Reverb pedal with ambulance ambience

  • £159
The Dry control is The Cubicle reverb pedal's secret weapon

MusicRadar Verdict

Try out this pedal if your amp hasn't got spring reverb, but you'd like some.


  • +

    Solid build. Emulates spring reverb.


  • -

    Price, but it's built in the UK, which is good!

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Another new pedal in the debut range from UK amp-maker Hayden's Dr Green range, The Cubicle offers up spring reverb sounds in a digital stompbox.

"A disarmingly good emulation of a Fender amp-style spring delay"

Usually, reverb is something that you add to your dry sound in proportion with a single knob. Dr Green's The Cubicle can do that by turning up its wet knob but, handily, it also has a dry knob to set the amount of original dry sound in the signal.


As well as enabling you to blend the reverb settings and dry sound to your taste, the dry knob also has the useful function of completely turning off the dry signal for use in a parallel effects loop.

Meanwhile, by advancing the wet knob, you get a disarmingly good emulation of a Fender amp-style spring delay.

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