DigiTech Dirty Robot review

Sound transformer…keyboards in disguise

  • £119
  • €150
  • $229

MusicRadar Verdict

For the adventurous guitarist, this could be the ticket to a brave new world.


  • +

    Faultless tracking.


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The new Dirty Robot pedal from DigiTech is typically robustly built, and it's here to make your guitar sound like a synthesiser.

You get two basic synth voicings. The first DigiTech describe as a 'straight envelope- style synthesis'. This is just like holding down the keys on a synthesiser... only in this case you're controlling the dynamics on this occasion by whacking your guitar strings.

The second sound is a 'vocal formant synthesis'. This is your classic robot voice with a pronounced 'ee-yah'. It sounds 
a little bit like a vocoder, or an exaggerated wah effect, if you're still not sure what we mean.

The Dirty Robot's tracking is faultless - play fast runs and the pedal is right on your tail.

Anyway, if this setting doesn't remind you of classic 80s sci-fi soundtracks, in particular the original Terminator, then you really need to download some Schwarzenegger films...

The Dirty Robot's tracking is faultless meaning that you can play fast runs and the pedal is right on your tail. You can manipulate the sound with the onboard filters, and add chorus and vibrato effects for some wow and flutter. This will really help your synth lines pop when you're adding parts to a rock or metal mix.

The vocal formant setting is great for funky bottom string riffs, the effect is not a million miles from Richie Sambora's talk box sound on the Jove's Livin' On A Prayer.

For the price, this mech's dirty deeds are done relatively dirt cheap. Ultimately, it's up to you how well synth sounds would sit with the music you make.