Chandler Limited Germanium Drive review

  • £327
  • $375
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Our Verdict

A pedal that you'll need to demo before you make the commitment.


  • Good for bringing the best out of vintage and boutique gear.


  • Vast expense.

On first appearances, the Germanium Drive is a fear-inducing beast.

Just look at the features: a five-position feedback knob, drive that goes up to 11, and two EQ-shaping toggle switches. Heck, it even requires two power supplies (or two 9V batteries).

For all we know, our amp is about to sprout arms and beat us to a bloody pulp as soon weplug it into this thing.

That would be getting a little carried away, though, because the Germanium Drive is actually more of a coloured boost or tone filter than a traditional fuzz pedal, and as a result the signal doesn't break up much until the drive control is well in to the final third of its travel.

Once you get there, there's a huge boost in output, and the rough, organic fuzz that germanium transistors are known for comes on in waves. The Highs and Boost Range toggles are also ideal for fine-tuning the sound.

Tone-obsessed guitarists with an ear for detail will love the harmonics this pedal gives and the way that the feedback selector toggle changes your entire rig's character.

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Tech Specs

Available ControlsBoost Drive Feedback High