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Catalinbread Pareidolia review

Re-creating classic tremolo

  • £153
  • $189.99

Our Verdict

Vintage tremolo with a distinctive voice revisited. And, yes, you'll be mesmerised by it.


  • Vintage tones executed superbly.


  • Very few.

Over the years, Fender had three basic designs of tremolo circuit built into its amps and the most aurally intriguing is the 'harmonic tremolo' (based around a dual-band filtering effect) once briefly found in early-60s 'Brownface' amps.

The Pareidolia offers a re-creation, delivered via standard tremolo depth and rate knobs, coupled with a volume knob that hits unity gain at about midway, so can give your amp a nice kick (turn the depth down and you can use it as a pure boost).

An LED pulses in time with rate and intensifies its colour change as depth is increased.

Sound-wise, what you get is tremolo- based but it's not just amplitude (volume) modulation that's goingon here - there are elements of both phasing and pitch modulation, somewhat akin to a Uni-Vibe or rotary speaker, casting a gorgeous otherworldly haze over the tremolo.