Analogman Peppermint Fuzz review

Looking for a 60s psychedelic germanium fuzz? Well step right up and take a look at this

  • $195
The Peppermint Fuzz is chunky, sturdy and funky too

MusicRadar Verdict

Authentically 60s sounding, this is fuzz versatility in a candy-striped package!


  • +

    Authentic 60s germanium fuzz sounds. Versatile range of tones. Compact size.


  • -

    Shipping costs to the UK.

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The Peppermint Fuzz is a Germanium transistor-based fuzz in the spirit of nasty, buzzy mid-60s fuzzboxes.

In fact, it takes its name from fuzz sounds of 60s psych classic Incense And Peppermints by Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Available only by mail order from the USA, Analogman pedals are highly regarded.

The company's attention to detail means that in this pedal the convenience features (LED and adaptor power) have been eschewed in favour of the best possible sound.

However, batteries will last ages in a pedal like this and it's available with a mod that means you can turn battery power on and off with the fuzz knob rather than removing the input jack.


Interactive controls open up a massive range of thick fuzz sounds from relatively polite to positively outrageous.

The volume knob is best turned a fair way up to give a nice boost to your amp's front end.

Variations in the sound come from the juxtaposition of the fuzz and buzz knobs.

With the fuzz knob turned up to maximum you'll be treated to some pretty wild full-on fuzz.

But when you move it back a little you'll find yourself getting into more familiar FuzzFace territory.

The smaller buzz knob shapes the character of the fuzz from smooth, singing flutey sustain to something much harder-edged and raspy.

Fuzz and buzz full up is probably as raucous as you'll ever need and backing off the guitar volume creates some cool faux sitar sounds and 'sick battery' sputtering fuzz.


This little box looks great and sounds nasty (in a good way). If you're a fuzz fetishist, you'll want to get this baby delivered straight to your door.


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