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Aalberg Audio TRYM TR-1 review

Hammer of the gods

  • £230

Our Verdict

Musical tremolo with options for instant sound changes via tap tempo or optional Bluetooth.


  • Bluetooth option.


  • Pricey.

Named after the chap who stole Thor's hammer, the TRYM is a tremolo pedal with standard speed and depth controls.

It also has a Shape knob that morphs between sine wave and square wave to change the tremolo waveform.

This is a nice-sounding pulsing tremolo and the shape-changing - although veering toward a harder-edged trem - never gets into that abrupt on/off sequenced sound.

It's musical tremolo with a practical range of depth and speed, which can also be set using the FX Select footswitch for tap tempo. Among the four in/out configurations, there's a stereo panning option if you want it.

Scandinavian prices can be high and it's perhaps inevitable that a small company in Norway would charge top dollar for its products.

However, we can't help feeling that, unless the wireless control is a must-have, you may find better value elsewhere.