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Aalberg Audio KOR KO-1 review

Norwegian maker freeing up your board

  • £230

Our Verdict

Decent chorus and flanging easily accessed from one pedal with remote control options.


  • Instant remote switching.


  • Very few.

A press-and-hold option on the second (FX Select) footswitch toggles between chorus and flanging, and you know where you are because the flanger legend is backlit in flanger mode.

Speed and Depth knobs adjust the effect, while an Intensity knob adjusts the dry/wet balance between the input signal and the effect, but also acts to increase the feedback in flanger mode for more of a classic metallic flanging sound.

Both effects exude quality and are clear, detailed and sparkly. And should you choose to use the stereo outputs, there's a wide stereo effect with some panning movement in it.

If you add an Aero to the mix, apart from instant remote switching from a chorus to a flanger sound, there's plenty of opportunity for some animated effects, such as ramping up the flanger speed for a ray-gun effect - limited musical use, perhaps, but some will like it.