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Aalberg Audio EKKO EK-1 review

Delay from Norway's finest

  • £230

Our Verdict

Basic digital delay with tap tempo, with an option to change delay times and more from your guitar


  • Clean delay sound.


  • Not terribly versatile or feature packed.

This digital delay has knobs for Time, Feedback (number of repeats) and Level, which blends in the delay signal up to a 1:1 ratio with the dry sound, while the FX Select footswitch operates as a tap tempo.

All of the pedals in the range offer four different mono and stereo configurations, the EKKO's stereo speciality being ping-pong delay.

The delay sound is clean with a time range from very short to over a second, so if you like straight digital delay, you'll be okay with this.

However, we feel that players want more from their delay pedals these days - either a range of delay types or a particular sound like analogue delay or tape simulation.

The Aero does offer advantages in that you can call up different delay times quickly, but you'd be disappointed if you like to manipulate feedback for dub effects, because this one doesn't go off into self- oscillation like an analogue delay.