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Emma ReezaFRATzitz review

Why you dirty er, FRAT?

  • £145
  • €145

Our Verdict

A solid pedal that has some interesting sounds to offer.


  • Some great sounds to be found…


  • …but it may take a little digging to find them.

The first version of this pedal was based on the Tube Sound Fuzz, and this revised unit builds on those strengths. 

Also, though it’s not based on a ProCo RAT, the name hints at it for a reason - with the gain rolled up it does a pretty good impression of RAT crunch. 

The bias switches between class B and class A amplifier operation, though you’ll probably end up staying in class A territory based on the sounds on offer, even if it is a bit noisier. 

With the gain and treble rolled back, there are also smooth low-gain lead and rhythm sounds on tap, though a bit of experimentation is required to find them.