Mapex T750A review

Drum throne cushions don't come much deeper than this, but will it fit through the door?

  • £79.95

MusicRadar Verdict

Fantastic to sit on, not so great to lug around.


  • +

    Huge cushion = ultra comfort. Sturdy and nicely finished.


  • -

    It's bulky and the adjustable height is limited.

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One of a new pair of thrones from Mapex, the T750A features a 110mm-deep round cushion for guaranteed comfort. The double-braced tripod legs are curved, while the threaded steel cushion tube turns to adjust height.

With such a plush cushion, the minimum height is 51cm while the maximum is 70cm. Made with Mapex's usual care and attention, this is a good stool to sit on but, being so hefty, is not quite so suited to being continuously packed up and carted around.