Dream Bliss Gorilla ride review

A real beast

  • £308

MusicRadar Verdict

Another cracking metal from the folks at Dream. A ride cymbal with the goods to justify its beastly name, but don't forget your earplugs.


  • +

    Good value.


  • -

    Very heavy!

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We have raved many times about Dream's ability to deliver high-quality, hand-forged cymbals at prices that won't leave your jaw on the floor.

Perhaps the finest example of this is Dream's Bliss range. Bliss was Dream's first-ever line and has remained the company's number-one seller ahead of more recent introductions such as the warmer, classic- sounding Ignition range. The Gorilla is a brand new ride in the Bliss line-up.


This 22", hand micro-lathed B20 bronze ride features a monstrous 5" bell and is peppered with deep hammer markings from the intensive hand-hammering process that takes place both prior to and following the lathing.

These marks give the cymbal a distinct look that may turn some drummers off, but to us they serve as a reminder of the many hours of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into producing this beautiful cymbal.

Hands On

After unboxing, the first thing we notice is the cymbal's weight. Tipping the scales at a shade over 3.5kg, this is more King Kong than your average gorilla. Carefully positioning it within our four-piece practice kit, the many merits of the Gorilla quickly become evident.

Given Dream's track record we're not surprised by the crisp-cut articulation drawn out by a few short, sharp jabs with a stick. What does raise an eyebrow is the almighty noise that spews from the cymbal after we give it a sturdy whack across the bow - boy, this thing is loud.

But, while it has volume in spades it never feels, or sounds, out of control. The Gorilla is a powerful cymbal that has enough muscle to flourish when crashed, but while it's most definitely loud, it's not for a moment shrill. In fact, there is a surprising amount of warmth and dynamic beneath the surface.

That 5" bell is perhaps the ace in the Gorilla's hand. It's beautifully sweet sounding and, much like the cymbal as a whole, offers stunning definition.

We put the ride through its paces during a set consisting of rock, pop and even punk, all of which it stood up to with ease. Thanks to that stunning definition and articulation, we'd have no hesitation recommending it for jazz too.

Rich Chamberlain

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