Behringer X AIR XR18 review

Good things do come in small packages

  • £549
  • €698
  • $679

MusicRadar Verdict

A device packed with features that won’t break the bank. What’s not to like?


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    A doddle to use.

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    Good value.


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    Very few.

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Behringer’s XR18 is a super compact and sturdy unit. 

It has 18 inputs (16 mic/line, two line), eight outputs (main L/R and six auxes) and one headphone output. Mic preamps are quality Midas designs and inputs 1 and 2 also get high impedance support. Control connectivity is via onboard wi-fi or wired ethernet, and audio connectivity via USB 2.0 provides 18 channels of DAW I/O. 

It supports Behringer’s Ultranet protocol and the dedicated Ultranet output can carry 16 digital sources for onward use in Behringer’s P16 Personal Mixers or Turbosound’s iQ PA systems. 

The XR18’s sole physical control is the headphone level. Beyond this settings are handled remotely via the cross-platform X AIR Edit software (PC, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS and Android). The XR18 X32 effects engine includes EQ, dynamics and four multi-effects modules. The latter can be used either in the four dedicated FX busses or as inserts. The 60 effect types include reverbs, delays and modulations as well as some vintage EQs and dynamics. 

The in/out routing page offers powerful selectable signal tapping (pre/post fader, pre/post EQ etc) for USB, Aux Outs, Ultranet and Main Outs. Meanwhile the Meter page provides a quick overview of signal activity across Analogue ins, USB returns, Effects Sends and Returns Buss Output. Further functions include four DCA groups, four Mute groups and Auto-Mix for auto gain control in multiple mic set-ups. 

It’s a serious feature set for the money and very easy to set up/use. 

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