What are Sarah Longfield’s favorite Elixir Strings for long-lasting, superior tone?

We all know that Elixir Strings are some of the most well-made, dependable and durable strings out there. But they’re also incredibly versatile and wide-ranging.

Just ask modern guitar phenom Sarah Longfield, who put together this demo video showing off her “two favorite types” of Elixir Strings. And they’re very different strings, indeed.

First up is the Phosphor Bronze NANOWEB 10-47 Extra Light set, which she uses on her acoustic guitars.

The NANOWEB is the only coated string to protect the entire string with an ultra-thin coating, keeping gunk out of the gaps between the windings. The result is extended tone life and consistent performance, with a smooth feel that’s easy on your fingers and enhances playability.

As demonstrated in the video, Sarah’s NANOWEBs offer up plenty of detail and punch, from the lowest string to the highest, whether picking, strumming or even sounding false harmonics.

On the electric side, meanwhile, Sarah goes for the eight-string OPTIWEB 10-74 Nickel-Plated Steel set, which offer the same crisp tone as an uncoated string, only with a nickel-plated steel wrap wire that protects against common corrosion and debris buildup for extended tone life.

Indeed, Sarah says, “One of my favorite things about these strings is the long tone life. Especially for acoustic guitars, with the season changes, where it can be super cold one day and super hot the next. These strings sound the same throughout all of that and I really appreciate it, so I can just pick up my guitar and get back to playing.”

What’s more, “They’re also corrosion resistant, which is great. Especially if you live somewhere where it’s really humid. I’ve played other coated strings and I thought they sounded dead out of the pack. These are not like that at all.”

Sarah’s final verdict on Elixir Strings? “You put them on and they sound great. And they continue to sound great as you play.”

For more information, head to Elixir Strings.

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