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Wampler releases its Ratsbane distortion pedal into the wild

The Pro Co Rat is an undisputed classic distortion pedal and recently had a mini revival of its own as the Lil' Rat but now, after numerous request, Brian Wampler is presenting his own interpretation of the classic circuit as the Ratsbane.


(Image credit: Wampler)

In typical fashion, he's made his rodent a versatile beast by adding two new switches. The Gain switch offers three options;  the middle gives you kind of gain Rat fans are familiar with, then left or right positions offer "additional turbocharged gain stages".

To the left is a "firm, yet smooth boost", while things get higher gain to the right with "insane level of creamy distortion".  The second new switch is the Voice that alters the compression and clipping;  tightening the distortion for greater control when the gain levels increase.

The USA-made Ratsbane also offers Distortion, Volume and Filter controls. The latter offering high end roll off. Suggested retail price is £140 / $149.97.

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Rob Laing

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