Watch Universal Audio designer James Santiago give the best overview of Vox AC30 amp sounds we've seen

Working Class Music
(Image credit: Working Class Music / YouTube)

Youtube channel Working Class Music have been doing some excellent videos focussing on each of Universal Audio's UAFX amp pedals, but their look at the Ruby model is extra special. They had UA designer James Santiago to give his perspective on the pedal's settings at the recent Sweetwater Gearfest event – and in doing so he offered one of the best overview's of how to get the best out of the amp/s the Ruby is based on; the original Vox AC30 and '63 Top Boost model.

In keeping with WCM's inclusive and accessible approach to gear, Santiago's explanation of what makes the AC30 unique and special is essential viewing for anyone with a passing interest in wanting to know more about this classic amp. 

As our UAFX Ruby review noted, the pedal is very close to a real AC30 – and that includes the unique way its tone controls operate with treble and bass cut. So what Sanitago does here in the video to create sounds applies to the real amp too. "It makes zero sense," he candidly admits when comparing it to the controls of the UAFX Dream '65, that's based on a Fender Deluxe Reverb. And Santiago's explanation of using the pedal – and amp – shows us how we can balance the 'ugly' and 'beautiful' with AC30 sounds to create greatness. 

To see more videos check out the Working Class Music YouTube Channel 

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