UA Opal at Synth Week 2022: Inside Opal – the larger-than-life synth with track-ready sounds

Music by Joshua Eustis, composed entirely with Opal.

SYNTH WEEK 2022: If you're in need of a major power-boost to your synth arsenal then the brand-new sound station you crave could be nestling in amongst the extensive collection of plugs available through Universal Audio's new UAD Spark service.

UAD Spark delivers a huge range of previously pricey, world-famous, hardware dependant plug-ins to any Mac – zero UA hardware required.

Instead you pay a simple monthly fee and get to enjoy the lot, running completely native and untethered. And while UA's plugin effects are unmatched for quality and versatility – perhaps best of all – UAD Spark features synth and sound-design components  that are 100% exclusive to subscribers.

First came the effects… Now here comes THE synth

One such major addition is Opal: UA's epic-sounding flagship synth that's perfect for producers, sound designers, and creative musicians alike.

It's easy to use, coming laden with mind-blowing presets but is also easily editable to get what you need fast. And – of course – thanks to UA's know-how, the sounds already come pre-mixed with some of the best effects in the business, making them completely track ready without a single EQ, compression, reverb, chorus or delay tweak required.

There's everything from subtle, track-filling pads, through centre-stage leads and speaker shaking bass. All ready to go, and all sounding fresh for today and beyond.

Universal Audio at synth week 2022

(Image credit: Universal Audio)

Analogue meets digital

What's the secret? It's the combination of analog modelling – giving authentic warmth, character and history – plus a new hybrid synth that delivers wave shapes far beyond the capability of any conventional analogue synth.

Add in some huge-sounding morphing filters – Opal is described as a 'morphing synthesiser' – and those powerful UA effects and you've got a modern classic with a power and style all its own.

With a large waveform window letting you see your sounds, the lower control panel is surprisingly simple and easy to understand. Sound moves left to right across the board with three oscillators being mixed with a noise channel before hitting those all important filters and effects. Envelopes and LFOs shape the sound before a final pair of FX are added at the mixer stage.

See your sound

Simply click the view buttons in each section to bring up your sound, visually in the waveform window.

Soon you'll be tweaking those morphing filters, cycling through waves in the oscillators, programming the LFO and labelling on yards and yards of studio-quality UA effects like vintage spring reverb, tape delay, modulation, and authentic 1176 compression.

Opal is a modern soundscape maker with deep analog roots. Soup-up a simple sound with quality effects and play a part perfectly seated in a track, or go for huge soundtracks that dominate and fill the room with a single note.

The synth with hundreds of smash hits built in

Take some time with the presets to get the measure of Opal then don't be afraid to edit and understand via the easy controls and unique waveform displays. 

We guarantee this one has got the lot. Check it out.

Don't miss…

• Opal's breakthrough analog-meets-wavetable synth with continuously morphing oscillators, noise, filters, and LFOs. All easily understandable and all under your full control.
• The built-in, fully-specced interpretations of UA's famous studio-quality effects including premium studio reverbs, tape delay, modulation, 1176-style compression, and more.
• Hundreds of expertly curated presets across multiple genres, all delivering that instant, track-ready professional sound.
• Hardware synth-inspired controls and simple left-to-right layout for easy navigation and sound sculpting.

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