Train your ears and become a better producer with the Balancing Channels app from Ultimate Producer

When mixing your own tracks it may feel like that you’re not always sure if you’re getting things right. For many producers out there without formal training, watching YouTube videos and reading articles can help, but there’s a point when having feedback is vital to your development. This is where the new Ultimate Producer platform comes in.

Coming from the Mastering the Mix team, Ultimate Producer aims to deliver interactive music production challenges that can help you in improving your decision-making skills in the studio.

The first challenge from Ultimate Producer is Balancing Channels with Tom Frampton, where you are given a series of songs to practice balancing the mix on. 

Once you’ve wrestled with the faders and are happy with your choices, you will then receive immediate feedback helping you improve your mixing game.

Balancing Channels features 12 songs to work on, spanning multiple genres including house, hip-hop, rock and pop. 

Each time you attempt a challenge the fader positions will be set at random leaving you with the task of mixing the song as closely as Tom did. With this practice, you should be able to transpose your new-found skills to bring a pro-sounding balance to your own mixes.

Try it yourself

To get you in the mood, Ultimate Producer is giving you the opportunity to try Balancing Channels out right here. You can attempt balancing the channels on the track ‘Galaxy Love’ as many times as you like.

Balancing Channels with Tom Frampton is available now for just $40/£29/€34 and you can find out more information on the Ultimate Producer website.