The VOX Cambridge50 at VGS 2020

VGS 2020: It's small, it's portable, it's got 50-watts of power and a NuTube valve preamp, Virtual Element Technology and a solid-state power amp. There’s even USB audio interface functionality onboard. All of this in one amazing sounding amp.

The Cambridge50 is designed for ease-of-use; who wants complicated control panels?

The VOX Cambridge50 is a truly modern guitar amplifier powered by Nutube and Celestion for powerful and responsive tones.

Nutube is VOX’s revolutionary new miniature vacuum tube, and provides this combo with real tube distortion and response. It also gives you that sense of compression that you expect from a vacuum tube, and the response and playing feel. 

There’s an open-backed cabinet equipped with a 12-inch VX12 Celestion speaker for the classic VOX tone, and the amp really makes the most of the high quality of this speaker. The Cambridge50 is designed for ease-of-use; who wants complicated control panels?! 

(Image credit: Vox/Korg)

Its simple design allows you to easily dial in settings on the face of the amp, or save your favourite settings as presets. With 11 types of amp models, 8 built-in effects, and a built-in tuner, this amp is perfect for many applications and any style of music.

Let’s talk about the sounds. In addition to the classic chime of the AC30, this single unit gives you the sounds of a wide range of amps including well-known tube amps, modern high-gain amps, and rare boutique amps. The onboard effects range from modulation to delay and include some great sounding tape echo and spring reverbs.

(Image credit: Vox/Korg)

Planning to do some recording at home? The Cambridge50 has it covered. It includes a USB audio interface for direct recording, and you can access VOX's Tone Room editor/ librarian software to make patch design even simpler. Also, a headphone jack provides a speaker-emulated sound that can also be used as a DI recording source, and there's an Aux input that allows you to input play-along backing tracks for practise. 

On top of that, JamVOX III modeling software is bundled as a free download. You can take advantage of the GXT function that lets you extract, emphasize, or remove a specific part from an existing song; you can also use the music player function to play back a loop from a song that you are learning or practicing, and even change its tempo. The best part of all? All of this comes in at a truly affordable price.

(Image credit: Vox/Korg)