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The synth sounds of Blade Runner explored and replicated

As Blade Runner 2049 is released in cinemas, we are reminded of how epic the first film was (and not just in its premise or duration). The original soundtrack still manages to make the hairs on the back of our necks stand on end.

This is mostly down to the exquisite work of Vangelis, who only a year earlier had turned the film-scoring world on its head with the seriously synth-heavy Chariots of Fire score. Like CoF, Blade Runner is often remembered for its electronic soundtrack, which perfectly draws the viewer further into the dystopian world created by director Ridley Scott. 

In honour of the Greek composer’s classic brooding soundtrack, Justin DeLay from Reverb has been delving into the tools deployed on the OST for the 1982 sci-fi thriller, which was loosely based on Philip K Dick’s novel Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep.

This video focusses on how to recreate those vintage sounds on the original hardware and some newer equivalents, including the Roland Boutique SH-01A and Arturia CS-80V.

Head on over to Reverb to download the projects and samples to accompany the video.

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